Dragon Cult

The past that lead the party on the path

In the beginning

Rollin Rollin Rollin

Five strangers met outside the stable of ‘Anytown’, having answered an ad to act as guards for a supply wagon bound for the town of Greenest.

Cast of Characters:
Olivia – a wood elf Barbarian
Inika – a moon elf Wizard
Brog – a half orc Ranger
Ramas – a human Monk
Caterine – a drow Paladin (joins the party at a later date)
Bree – a ghostwise Cleric

With brief introductions the group heads out with the wagon. A short time later their skills are put to the test when they are ambushed by goblins. A few things were quickly learned:
1. The drunk monk had some serious moves
2. Even acting last and taking an error, a raging wood elf barbarian turns goblins to past quickly
3. The princess wizard enjoys ‘lighting’ them up. The stink of crispy goblin filled the air
4. The clerics healing cantrip quickly becomes “cure wounds” every round

With the goblins dispatched the troupe continued onto Greenest to discover it in flames and under attack. They decide that if they hope to get paid, they need to step in to make sure that their paymaster survives….

Lessons learned:
1. Stealth doesn’t work if you are walking down the middle of the street, in full day light.
2. Yelling or screaming tends to bring more bad guy’s

Fighting through town, taking down each successive group of bad guys, they make their way to the Keep and are confronted with their biggest foe yet. A dragonborn fighter. Challenged to fight Olivia steps forward and takes the challenge on behalf of the town.

Then miracles of miracles… (IE CR2 vs player lvl 2) .. she kicks his ass… (DM skills kick in and quickly ‘fix’ the story-line). They get chills as they spot a dragon flying away. A blue dragon.

So the group with several battles under their belt pick up a new member. Brog, a half-orc ranger. Given a new mission they set out to find the Dragon Cult base camp.


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